Robert A Friedman & Associates, PS



From 1990, when he opened his law firm, through the present, Robert Friedman has successfully represented more than 16,000 clients in their well-deserved claims for Social Security, Railroad Retirement and 100 percent veterans disability benefits. As a result of his diligent, exacting and compassionate representation, Robertís clients have received more than $200,000,000 in disability benefits.

Robert has special expertise in helping veterans with post traumatic stress disorder prove they are unable to sustain employment and are therefore entitled to receive a total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU). The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs honored Robert for his work representing veterans in their disability claims.

Based on his extensive experience representing veterans with PTSD, and his frequent consultations with treating and consultive psychiatrists and psychologists, Robert created what he considers the most effective system for proving disability. At national and multi-state conferences, Robert trained other disability attorneys on using his system to win their clientsí cases. Robertís interactions with hundreds of other disability attorneys informs his judgment that the attorneys who use his system for proving disability win a greater percentage of their cases than those who do not.

You may contact Robert at He may answer certain questions and when appropriate, refer individuals seeking representation in their disability claims to the most accomplished attorneys Robert has worked with throughout the United States.