Nationwide VA Disability Lawyers

Our firm takes great pride in helping disabled veterans obtain the benefits they deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs. We represent veterans nationwide with clients located in every state and across the globe. Whether you need representation at the Regional Office (RO), the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA), or the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC), we can help. Contact us today for a free and confidential evaluation of your veterans disability claim. Our experienced representatives will review your most recent VA decisions and related records as well as ask you pertinent questions pertaining to your entitlement to veterans disability benefits during a confidential phone consultation.

Types of Veterans Claims We Handle

Though Friedman Disability has experience representing disabled veterans in claims for service-connected compensation for numerous types of physical, mental, and cognitive impairments, below are the types of claims in which we most often provide representation.

TDIU ratings
You may be eligible if your service-connected impairments preclude your ability to work.
PTSD from combat or military sexual trauma can be disabling and prevent you from working.
Migraine or other types of headaches can cause incapacitating attacks that preclude regular work attendance.
Traumatic brain injuries can cause debilitating deficits that affect daily life.
Heart Disease
Ischemic and/or coronary artery disease can cause severe fatigue and other disabling symptoms.
Back and Neck
Many veterans with back and neck impairments may be limited to lying in bed or in a recliner.
DIC Benefits
Surviving spouses of deceased veterans may be eligible for dependency and indemnity compensation under certain circumstances.
Agent Orange
Veterans exposed to Agent Orange during their military service may be eligible for service connection for exposure-related conditions.
Veterans with mental impairments other than PTSD may be eligible for service connection if their impairment began in or was caused by service.

Contact Us To Discuss Your VA Disability Claim

Request a free and confidential evaluation of your veterans disability claim. Our office can review your most recent rating decision, Statement of the Case (SOC), Supplemental Statement of the Case (SSOC), or BVA or CAVC decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions frequently asked by veterans and their loved ones about the VA disability appeal process and our representation.

Our fee is 20 percent of your past-due benefits only if we win your case. If we do not win your case, there is no fee. In addition to representing disabled veterans in appeals for disability compensation, our firm also provides limited pro bono representation to veterans who need to file new claims for service connection or TDIU ratings. Note that no representative is allowed to charge a fee for representing a veteran in an initial application for benefits.
Having an attorney represent you does not mean that the VA will adjudicate your claim any faster than it would otherwise. Typically, the VA will expedite processing of a veteran’s appeal only if the veteran is (1) chronically homeless or under severe financial duress, (2) terminally ill, or (3) in advanced age, which can start as early as 75 but conventionally begins at age 85.
Yes. However, in order to receive a TDIU rating or a 100 percent schedular disability rating for certain conditions, including PTSD and other service-connected mental health conditions, a veteran must be unable to unable to follow a substantially gainful occupation (SGO), that is, earn above the poverty line for a single individual or work outside of a protected workshop environment, like a family business.
Yes. Because all communications, appeals, and evidence are submitted to the VA in written form, and because virtually all hearings can be completed over the phone or via videoconference technology, our firm is able to represent any veteran before the VA regardless of his or her location. Most importantly, our firm has extensive experience developing the medical, vocational, and other evidence needed to win your claim, which is the most critical element in obtaining a favorable outcome.

Recent VA Disability Victories

Please review any of our recent victory blog posts detailing cases we have won for veterans seeking TDIU ratings or 100 percent schedular disability ratings, all on a permanent and total (P&T) basis.