Notice Of Law Practice Closure

Since 1990, Robert A. Friedman and Associates, P.S., has helped thousands of veterans win disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and thousands of workers win disability benefits from the Social Security Administration and the Railroad Retirement Board.

Effective March 2021, Robert closed his veterans disability law practice. K.C. Kowren, who worked closely with Robert for nine years successfully representing veterans before the VA, has opened a new veterans disability law firm, The Veterans Law Office, where Robert will be working as Of Counsel.

Robert strongly recommends that all his current veteran clients and any potential new clients hire K.C. to represent them before the VA. Robert makes this recommendation not only because of K.C.’s skill in practicing veterans disability law but also because K.C. shares Robert’s zealous commitment to winning every client’s case. Robert is proud of his 30-year career and knows K.C. will sustain that same legacy long into the future.

If you are a disabled veteran and would like a free case evaluation, please contact The Veterans Law Office. If you are a previous client of Robert’s and need to reach him, please call 425.252.5551 and press 2. Robert will return your call as soon as possible.

Contact The Veterans Law Office