VA Grants TDIU Rating to Veteran with PTSD

Vietnam Veteran with Mr. Friedman

VA Grants Veteran with PTSD TDIU Rating

Client D.B. – Schedular Disability Rating of 30% for PTSD – $109,000 in past-due benefits and $2900/month in future benefits

D.B. filed a claim for a TDIU rating in November 2008 because his PTSD prevented him from working. The VA denied his claims for a TDIU rating and a greater than 30% schedular disability rating. D.B. then hired Robert Friedman, who filed a Notice of Disagreement to these denials and a request for an in-person hearing. In September 2012, Mr. Friedman represented D.B. at an in-person hearing in Seattle, WA. Mr. Friedman presented D.B.’s testimony regarding the difficulties he had with coworkers and supervisors when he worked and had D.B. explain how his PTSD caused him to lead an isolated life and prevented any future employment.

In December 2012, the Decision Review Officer (DRO) granted D.B. a 70% schedular disability rating and a TDIU rating. As a result of this decision, D.B. received $109000 in past-due benefits. Currently, D.B. resides in southwestern Washington with his beloved rottweiler.