VA Grants Veteran Service Connection for PTSD and Migraine Headaches

Client S.K. – Schedular Disability Rating of 90% for PTSD – $330,800 in past-due benefits and $3100/month in future benefits

S.K. filed a claim for service connection in July 2002 for injuries he sustained in an auto accident while participating in Cobra Gold training exercises in Thailand. The VA denied his claim because it found that S.K. never participated in Cobra Gold in Thailand. S.K. then hired Robert Friedman, who appealed the VA’s decision to the Court of Appeals for Veteran’s claims, which ruled in S.K.’s favor and remanded the case back to the VA for further adjudication. Mr. Friedman then obtained three declarations from other soldiers who witnessed S.K.’s action in Thailand.

In June 2013, the VA ruled S.K.’s reported stressor occurred and granted him a 90% schedular disability rating for PTSD, migraine headaches, and scars as well as a TDIU rating, effective 2002, the date S.K. filed his claim. As a result of Mr. Friedman’s dedication, K.S. received 11 years of past due benefits, totaling $330,800 and $3100 per month in future benefits. Currently, K.S. resides with his family near Seattle.