Vietnam Veteran with PTSD: Social Security Disability USDC Victory

Vietnam Veteran with PTSD: Social Security Disability USDC Victory

Robert A. Friedman, founder and owner of Friedman Disability, describes how he successfully helped a Vietnam veteran (Marine Corps) who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) win his Social Security Disability benefits. Robert represented the veteran in United State District Court.

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Vietnam Veteran with PTSD: Social Security Disability USDC Victory

Hello my name is Robert Friedman.   I want to describe to you one of the most moving cases that I have been involved with in over 35 years of representing claimants seeking Social Security Disability Benefits.

My client came from the Philippines in the mid 60’s he came to the United States to go college.  After approximately 2 years in college he dropped out and enlisted in the Marine Corp.  He became a second lieutenant and in Vietnam lost approximately 75% of his unit in a battle.  He was discharged honorably from the Marine Corp and went to work for a private contractor.  He was the only individual for that private military contractor that did not have a college degree.  He married his high school sweetheart and they lived in Los Angeles.  Through his and her work they acquired several apartment buildings and several houses which they rented out.

Something that happens that is not unusual for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and within a month or so his PTSD symptoms became quite prominent.  Within a year of this happening he and his wife became separated.  Rather than owning an apartment building he ended up living in a studio basement apartment in one of the buildings he used to own.  In the mid 90’s he moved to rural Washington State where he rented a room from his sister.

He did not learn about post traumatic stress disorder until about 2000.  When I spoke with him he would describe his days as spend in sitting in his room looking out at the field thinking where he would position his men in case of an attack.  Although he was in his early 40’s through excessive alcohol use to try and get some sleep and put his PTSD symptoms at bay, he lost all his teeth.

He went to a hearing before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge and he lost.  We obtained a consultive examination from a treating psychiatrist which explained why he couldn’t work.  In light of that exam we were successful in appealing that decision to the US District Court and we got it reversed and remanded and this individual eventually received his benefits.

I still think of this individual and it was one of the most satisfying professional experiences that I have had in enabling this poor man who had given such great service to the United States to obtain a reasonable amount of money to live on, money which he earned for his service to the United States.